Ancillary services

For KNESS Energy’s customers, we offer an automated system of commercial electricity accounting, a system for forecasting electricity generation by solar power plants, a set of security measures and fire alarms.

KNESS PV Forecast

Forecasting electricity generation by solar power plants

Forecast accuracy:
- for a new SPP 18-20%
- further forecast adjustment +9-12%

The use of artificial intelligence in KNESS Forecast allows increasing the forecast accuracy of SPP generation with increasing operational lifetime. The error of the generation forecasting system for the new station is about 18-20% for the next day. Adjustment of the forecast schedule reduces the error to 9-12%

PV Forecast service includes
PV Forecast service includes

- Providing forecasts of meteorological parameters from several sources for each location of the photovoltaic power plant (Meteo Soft)

- Storage of weather parameters forecasts on a reliable Cloud Storage with mirror sites

- Development, operation and upgrade of software for collecting and storing operational data on SPP maintenance service (Service Soft)

- Service data storage on a secure Cloud Storage with mirror sites

- Development and upgrade of software for forecasting SPP generation that uses artificial intelligence to process information on meteorological parameters and maintenance service data (Forecast Soft)

- SPP’s generation forecasts storage on a secure Cloud Storage with mirror sites

- Using software for submission and adjustment of the SPP’s generation forecasts to the Guaranteed Buyer (Distribution Soft)

- Artificial intelligence training for every single plant considering its features

- Responsibility for correctness of SPP’s generation forecasts submission

A set of security measures for SPP

Design, installation and maintenance of video surveillance, security alarms and fire safety systems

- Video surveillance

- Security service

- Fire security

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