Supply of clean and affordable electricity

KNESS Energy’s solutions enable consuming up to 100% of clean electricity from renewable sources. And therefore, to save money, develop sustainable business and help reduce the negative impact on the climate.

Products made with clean energy
Energy independence
Reduction of carbon footprint
Strengthening business reputation
Electricity supply from a
locally installed
solar power plant

Own SPP will provide an opportunity to reduce electricity costs and, consequently, reduce production costs.
SPP is connected directly to your company’s internal electricity grids and the electricity consumption from your own solar power plant is complemented by the option of electricity supply from organized market segments.

Clean energy supply from the market

Any company can manufacture products with clean electricity.

KNESS Energy purchases clean green electricity from SE "Guaranteed Buyer" with the corresponding certificate of origin.

Autonomous power supply
Autonomous power supply

We turn companies 100% energy independent by installing a local solar power plant and using energy time-shift - industrial energy storage systems- BESS (battery energy storage system)

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